Fully interactive 3D building models. Embed them in your web page, your PDF Sell Sheets, your PowerPoint Presentations or download them and explore them on your PC using the FREE Player. These are not your typical “Virtual Tour” models. These are truly interactive. They are an astoundingly useful and innovative exploration tool and they are available Exclusively through Gateway Data and Surveillance Systems Inc.

LIVEfloorplans – 3D Pre-vision – Redefining Visual Presentation Tools one industry at a time.

For office design, space planning, equipment location, workflow or aesthetics, the ability to explore cause and effect using 3D visualization and interactive models is priceless.
Whether you are laying out new Office Space or planning your next War Room the best tool for visualizing new layouts or concepts is a 3D model.
If you are pitching or petitioning a new construction proposal with city planning or your neighbours you should consider using 3D models for shadow and sightline studies to support your case.