Photographic Detail

Detailed building inspections require a detailed review of the exterior of the structure and the property itself. This is typically performed by on-site professional inspectors who are not always readily available when or where you need them.
Hi-resolution aerial video and photography seems deceptively easy using inexpensive quadcopters and building a detailed digital catalogue of your properties, buildings or work sites.
Aerial photography also gives you access to details not readily attainable by the average property inspector, such as 360 degree and 3D imaging of structures, over-head views of property ingress and egress points, surface details of roofing and parking lots, building signage, temporary on-site structures, unauthorized vehicles, trailers, debris, graffiti and storm related property damage. You get an excellent perspective on perimeter details such as fencing, tree and power-line overhangs and items that may cause safety or liability issues such as encroachments.
It also enables you to use your preferred inspectors to review project progress and details by providing access to these digital assts anywhere, anytime and without having to co-ordinate key person availability, conflicting schedules or juggle last minute travel arrangements and costs.
The benefits of acquiring a permanent visual record of a property or building on very short notice for insurance, liability or dispute resolution is also something that would simply not be possible if you were to rely on the traditional methods. Aerial video and photography is clearly the best way for you to assess the actual state of repair of your property. It’s like being able to PVR your property inspections.

Whether it is a progress report or a detailed site photo, GDSS Inc’s aerial photography delivers what you need, when you need it.

A picture is worth a thousand words. That statement has never been more true and a thousand words have never been so easy to deliver.

Quality of work, state of repair, storm or environmental damage, accident site assessment, property survey. It’s all more accessible and timely than ever.

Selling an Estate Property? Showcasing a remote plot of land? Aerial video and virtual tours deliver the birds-eye to the boots on the ground views.