Acquiring digital video using a drone involves much more than simply recording a video and attaching it to an email. To be truly useful it must be planned, recorded, edited, indexed, catalogued, securely stored and be managed for easy search and retrieval. It must be available anytime, anywhere and from any device. This is not “Point and Click” photography.

Mike Smith President GDSS

Mike Smith President GDSS

The benefits of using a drone for aerial photography seems quite obvious, however, the long list of complications that go with it are not. Rules, regulations, compliance, liability, privacy and the seemingly simple act of piloting a drone are where everything suddenly gets complicated.

There are many “hidden” costs associated with physical data acquisition including the infrastructure build-out required for a scalable content management system and the overhead that comes with pushing terabytes of video content through your IT Department. There are also a few basic regulatory hurdles that you should be aware of. In addition to having a certified UAV Operator on staff and carrying UAV specific Public Liability Insurance, you must also comply with …Transport Canada’s Regulations. Even operating a drone for “recreational use” has its own set of complicated restrictions and which preclude the use of a drone for business purposes.

So what’s the simple solution? Contract the work out. That’s when using drones actually does get simple. Why? Because a Professional Contractor or Service Provider will do all the heavy lifting for you. At Gateway we manage the entire infrastructure required to handle data acquisition, post processing workflow, secure and scalable content management and we also make sure your data is available across all distribution channels, 24/7. We navigate and take care of all the regulations and compliance issues, the required liability coverage – and as a result you receive clean and actionable data and a clearly defined ROI.

We keep things simple from the client’s perspective and really, that’s exactly how it should be. Ready to know more?  Contact Us Now.