On-site TRACaR-D℠ Security Drones: 

  • Automatically launch from remote mounted CRASH-PADS℠ when an alarm is triggered
  • Fly directly to alarm location under the control of a fully integrated flight control and data management system (ASAP℠ Flight Management Software, SCANS℠ collision avoidance, GDS-LDL℠ Data Link)
  • Start sending Activity Ping-Packets℠ to Administrators through the secure, on-site GDS Data Management Hub to the closest GDS Data Centre
  • Immediately start streaming video and audio of any activity through the GDS Data Management Hub which also relays it to the GDS Data Centre
  • Record a 360 degree video of the activity/intrusion area to establish:
    1. How many intruders are present
    2. Where are they located
    3. How are they equipped
    4. What is the current state of their point of entry/exit

It is critical to relay timely and accurate Situational Awareness information out-of-the-building so an accurate security assessment can be made and sent to First Responders.

  • Locate and follow each intruder to acquire multiple photographs for identification
  • A secondary out-door drone can be dispatched to actively locate the intruders vehicle(s) and record licence plates and vehicle make and model
  • Data from the drones is continuously re-broadcast to a local GDS Data Centre
  • The GDS-DC automatically runs photos of the intruders through a facial recognition system while photos of the vehicles and licence plates are run through a pattern recognition system to determine vehicle identification and registration data
  • Key stakeholders (administrators, building owners, property managers, …) are automatically sent photos and preliminary security assessment data by email, SMS or automated voice response messaging for review
  • Drones automatically retreat to a safe distance from the intruders but continue to monitor their actions
  • Recorded data is continually relayed to the GDS Data Management Hub which continues forwarding it to a GDS Data Centre
  • If stakeholders determine the person(s) are unauthorized employees or intruders/trespassers/thieves then pro-active security is escalated:
      1. A complete digital Security Situation Portfolio is automatically transmitted to the Building Security Company and Local Law Enforcement
      2. A ‘Countermeasures’ drone may be dispatched to autonomously attach Lo-Jack TRASeR-MB℠ beacons/transponders to any unauthorized on-site vehicles
      3. TRASeR-MB℠ beacons are activated and begin repeatedly broadcasting the GPS location of each vehicle over public cellular phone networks and begin actively scanning for open WiFi networks.
      4. Every time the vehicle passes an open network connection the beacon transmits its current GPS location directly to the GDS-DC


TRASeR-B℠ Smart Beacons:
In-door security beacons for Motion Detection and Tracking:

  • Smart Beacons – Intelligent motion detecting security beacons are capable of recording and logging any movement through walled or cubicle divided office space and relay timestamped motion ‘events’ and digital video data directly to the GDS-DC

A thief may be able to avoid or disable fixed CCT cameras and hardwired motion detectors but they can’t avoid a single or ‘intelligent’ and autonomous group of security drones actively tracking them and broadcasting live data out of the building while remaining ‘just out-of-reach’.
The entire Gateway Data Security System is self-powered and remains fully functional even if power is cut-off to an entire building.

In today’s high-tech world … Why haven’t security systems evolved beyond passive sensors and hard-mounted CCD cameras?


CRASH-PADS℠ – Catch & Release Automated Synchronization Hub – Power And Docking Station
TRACaR-D℠ – Tactical Response Autonomous Countermeasures and Reconnaissance – Drone
SCANS℠ – Smart Collision Avoidance and Navigation System
TRASeR-B℠ – Transponder Remote Array Sensor Encrypted Repeater – Beacon
ASAP℠ – Autonomous Smart Auto Pilot
GDS-DMH – Gateway Data and Surveillance Systems – Data Management Hub
GDS-DC – Gateway Data and Surveillance Systems – Data Centre

Basic TRACaR-D℠ Security and Surveillance Systems includes single Hybrid Quadcopter, CRASH-PADS℠, SCANS℠, ASAP℠, GDS-DMH, all communication hardware, mounting brackets, cables, Site-Specific Programming and Configuration, Training, spare and replacement components and everything else required for a complete installation and system activation. Telecommunication, data plans and carrier costs are not included.